The following screencasts show the various functionality of this product.

PhpDoc comment generation

This tutorial shows VS.Php ability to create PhpDoc comments automatically based on the function or class definition.

Php Intellisense

This tutorial covers three new intellisense features: html intellisense, auto suggest and selection filtering. These features are designed to improve the overall productivity of the developer.

Array intellisense

This tutorial shows the new intellisense support for Php arrays provided in VS.Php. It supports showing array entries as well as understanding the types of each array entries.

PhpDoc intellisense

This tutorial shows the basic integration between intellisense and PhpDoc comments. PhpDoc comments assist in the intellisense support by giving types to variables.

Code Outlining Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates the collapse to definition feature. This feature is very useful when working on large files because it lets you view your code in a more manageable way.

User references

User references lets you configure which files are included in intellisense for the whole project.

Smarty Intellisense

This tutorial shows the new Smarty editor for VS.Php. It includes color coding and intellisense support for smarty tags, html tags as well as Php code blocks.

Code Snippets

Use VS.Php code snippets to increase your productivity.

Php & JavaScript Debugging

This tutorial shows you how you can debug Php server side code along with client side code. VS.Php is the first Php IDE to provide this level of integration for debugging rich web applications.

Php & .Net debugging

This tutorial explains how you can debug .Net and Php in one debug session.

Customize your php.ini file

This tutorial shows you how to customize the default php.ini file for local projects

Debug Output Window

This tutorial shows you how to use the debug output window to inspect the html generated by a Php script.

Configuring Debug Engine

This tutorial shows how to select between XDebug and DBG within VS.Php built-in preview engine.

Php Runtime Selection

This tutorial shows you how to test your script using the Php4 runtime engine or the Php5 one. VS.Php defines Php4 and Php5 as different platforms in Visual Studio .Net, similar to Win32 and Win64.

IIS7 Project Wizard

Create PHP projects that run in your local IIS7 web server. VS.Php sets everything for you to host and debug your PHP application.

Website Copy

Website copy allows you to use a drag-n-drop interface to synchronize files between your local machine and the remote server.

Command Line Projects

This tutorial illustrates the ability to work on command line projects. These projects don't require a webserver or a browser.

Remote Server Projects

This tutorial illustrates the ability to work on remote servers directly as if the files were local.

Import Project

This tutorial illustrates how you can import a project from a remote server to your local machine. You can later work on the project as a regular local project..

File management

This tutorial shows you how you can add and remove files from the solution explorer.