As you know VS.Php is support autocomplete like
When we type ClassName and after "::" all functions and veriables inside ClassName will be listed.

But if we do this:
$test = new ClassName();


This is only works on same page. If we use $test veriable on another file in the project it did not show function list.

Is it possible to to that?


juanc says:

Did you include the file where you define $test in the file you are tryin to use it?

gencer says:

Hi juanc,

Sorry for the delay.

Yes its included.

Lets say i have 1 file called class.php and i declare $test in this file.

This file is called in index.php like include('class.php') and also this file(s) are included on visual studio project.

I can't use it on index.php. It did not working. I( I mean the auto completing part). But in class.php when i type $test-> its listing all functions...