As I posted in the Who uses vs.php forum I am very happy with vs.php. But even the best things can become better, can't they? So, here's my wishlist:

  • Debug support for Firefox (sorry if it's already there and I haven't figured it out yet).
  • Support for javascript (highlighting, intellisense and why not debugging). All in all, stronger javascript support. I even dare to say jQuery support!
  • Better treatment of *.php files containing both HTML and PHP code. For example, when such a file is opened there are no Design, Split, Source buttons (why?). Furthermore, javascript code syntax highlighting is lost in such files.
  • Better 'Add New HTML File' template. Currently, a non-standard html page with UPPERCASE tags is added.

Thank you,


juanc says:

Firefox, do you mean Javascript debugging with Firefox?

Alternatively, if Firefox is your default browser, you can change your project debug settings to launch your default browser instead of IE.

dpant says:

I knew this could be configured somewhere but haven't figured it out yet. The rest of my wishlist stands.