The colors being used by VS.PHP are clashing with everything else I do and I can't configure it. The options are not showing up in Fonts and Colors, just as many other people are experiencing.

Here's a simple solution. Don't define custom colors. Use the existing built in types like Number, Identifier, Operator, String, Comment, etc. Even the HTML highlighting choices are already built in.

Doing this would make the user's experience more consistent as well as fix the "missing options" issue. Right now, this is one of the things preventing me from liking it.

juanc says:

Did you try running:

devenv /setup

From the command line?

That fixes the issue.


Richard Robertson says:

I had already sorted it out and gotten it working. However the point remains that there is no reason whatsoever to require me to change a new batch of settings which are renamed copies of existing settings.