VS.Php 2.7 bootstrapper

Update: I have updated the bootstrapper and this one should work pretty good

One of the things we are doing in regards to the standalone edition is that VS.Php will automatically install the shell if you don't have it.

You will download a bootstrapper executable. This executable checks if you have the .Net runtime and Visual Studio installed. If you don't, it will go to the Microsoft site and download those and run their installers. Once all the prerequisites for VS.Php are met, the bootstrapper will download VS.Php from the jcxsoftware site and run the installer.

If you want to give it a try, download the VS.Php 2.7 bootstrapper installer

The goal is that you don't have to think about standalone or not. You just download VS.Php and the installer will take care of the rest. I'll like to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to comment,


setup.exe670 KB

villebl says:

This doesn't seem to be working right now. It tries to download msi from svn web server, but fails. Maybe there has been some changes on the svn?

juanc says:

Yes, please try the latest version here:


dsoundmn says:

sometimes i prefer to have the full installer backed up locally in case i have to do an offline build... any chance that could be also provided?