The future of VS.Php standalone edition

VS.Php standalone edition is a great tool for PHP developers who don't own Visual Studio. It comes with the Visual Studio shell and provides all the features you find in the other editions of VS.Php.

I'll like to share a bit of history on the standalone edition, where we are today and where we are going tomorrow.

History of VS.Php Standalone Edition

Back in 2006, we signed up as a premier partner member for Visual Studio with Microsoft. The whole reason for doing this was to get the opportunity to sell VS.Php with the Visual Studio 2005 shell. This partnership costs $10K a year. Also during that time, Microsoft charged $20 for each shell edition they sold through their partners.

To cover these expenses, we released VS.Php 2.1 Standalone Edition at a cost of $149.99, compared to the $99.99 of the other editions. The year later, Microsoft, drop the requirement for being a premier partner and the $20 per Visual Studio shell. Onced that happened, we droped the price of VS.Php SE to $99.99

When Microsoft released Visual Studio 2008, they upgraded their shell. The problem at that point was that the shell was 300Mb of size. We shy away from moving the standalone edition to 2008 until Microsoft reduced the size of the shell installer. They did in Visual Studio SP1. We even managed to reduce the size to about 50MB!

What's going to happen in VS.Php 2.7?

With VS.Php 2.7 we are moving to the 2008 shell but there will be changes in what the Standalone edition really means. Since we no longer need to track standalone editions to pay royalties to Microsoft, we will be making changes.

Customers who own VS.Php 2.6 Standalone Edition and qualify for free updates will get a free update for VS.Php 2.7 for Visual Studio 2005. VS.Php 2.7 for Visual Studio 2005 will be able to install on top of the Visual Studio 2005 shell they have installed.

We will no longer sell a special license for standalone edition. Instead there will be a download for each edition (2005 and 2008) that includes the respective Visual Studio shell.


The standalone edition will continue to exist but as a bundled of the other editions rather than its own dedicated edition. Bundling VS.Php with the Visual Studio shell has been a great success in allowing PHP developers that looked for the Visual Studio development experience but would not purchase a full Visual Studio license for their PHP development needs.

Anybody who's thinking about purchasing a new license of VS.Php Standalone Edition today, I recommend you buy a license for VS.Php 2.6 for Visual Studio 2008. Then download the Visual Studio 2008 shell here:

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nikodim says:

Hi Juan.
I've installed VS.Php 2.6 Standalone Edition and Visual Studio 2008 shell, as you said. But it seems to me VS.Php keep to work with VS2005 shell. How to set up VS.Php 2.6 Standalone Edition to work with new, VS2008 shell?

juanc says:

You don't want to use Standalone Edition, instead you want to install VS.Php for Visual Studio 2008 once the VS2008 shell has been installed.