Is it possible to check all PHP files in the project before debugging?

Whan hitting the F5 button, It would be great to see which files contains errors so they must be fixed before debugging!

I can't find it yet in version 2.5 maybe in other versions available ?

apodlaski says:

Eclipse PDT has this feature from at least two years and is free.

Dear developers. Please start thinking seriously about your customers.

Aleksander Podlaski

juanc says:

BTW, the errors list window will show those errors but it will not prevent you from starting a debug session.

juanc says:

To do this, all files must be parsed. You can do this by opening all files in the project. This works ok if you don't have 1000s of files.

In 2.6 we are adding project wide intellisense which parses all files in the background. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to capture the error messages as well.