I am using Visual Studio 2008 with build I work with a non privileged account on Windows XP SP2.
After creating a blank php project, setting interpreter type to php5, setting deployment path for local deployment, creating
a simple hello world index.php file, setting start page to this file and running all in debugger - works up to now.
Save solution and exit Visual Studio. ReOpen Visual Studio and trying to load the project Visual Stuidio crashes.

It crashes exactly after clicking continue free trial (as I have no serial number for Visual Studio 2008, only for Visual Studio 2005). This only happens if I use my standard non privileged accound (user account only belongs to users group , not power user or administrators).

No crash occurs if I use an acount with administrative privileges.
This occurs only with vs.php extension. Normal asp.net, c# development does work with no problems with non privileged account.

This very unfortunate as since Visual Studio 2005 I'm using a non privileged account for development and never had problems before.

Thanks in advance

Thomas Melzer
bineo GmbH

kisanth says:

I found that disabling Data Execution Prevention for vsphp_svc.exe solved the problem.

spekkionu says:

I am also having this same problem.

I'm running 64 bit Vista Ultimate and have User Access Control turned off.

It happens regardless of whether I run as an administrator or not.