Jcx.Software releases VS.Php 2.1 standalone edition

MIAMI, FL, SEPTEMBER, 5, 2006: Jcx.Software today announces the latest release of VS.Php 2.1, a Php integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft Visual Studio. VS.Php comes in four different editions, one for each of the existing Visual Studio versions (2002, 2003 and 2005) and VS.Php standalone edition. Unlike the previous editions, VS.Php standalone edition does not require customers to own Visual Studio to use the software. VS.Php Standalone Edition can reach a different market segment that is currently addressed by single purpose development tools.

VS.Php 2.1 adds various productivity features like code snippets and code auto formatting. Code snippets is a feature that allows the developer to insert ready made pieces of code that can be easily customized within the Php editor. Developers can also easily create new code snippets using an XML format. Code auto formatting allows the developer to automatically indent code based on the structure of the code as well as automatically formatting pasted code. The code auto formatting feature provides time saving benefits as well as consistent coding formatting for development teams.

Jcx.Software founder J. Rivera explains: “VS.Php Standalone Edition is one of the most important milestones for VS.Php because it allows us to target an expanded market outside the existing Visual Studio customer base of 2005. Over 90 percent of Php developers use Microsoft Windows as their development environment. The combination of Visual Studio 2005 and VS.Php provides unique value for Php developers over Java-based IDE products.”

“Jcx.Software’s commitment to Php integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 will benefit our mutual Microsoft customers looking to develop and integrate their Php applications with the Windows platforms.” Said Jason McConnell technical product manager of the .NET Developer Product Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp.

Founded in 2001, Jcx.Software is a leading provider of Php tools for the Microsoft Windows platform.

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