PHP IDE for Visual Studio

The PHP IDE you have been waiting for!

VS.Php is a plug-in for Visual Studio that enables you to develop native PHP applications. Even if you don't own Visual Studio, you can use VS.Php. It comes with the Visual Studio shell that is free of charge. This PHP plug-in is supported in the most popular versions of Visual Studio. This is a turnkey product that comes with everything you need to develop PHP4 and PHP5 applications.

You may not believe this, but you can even debug native PHP applications that are running on a LAMP server, right inside Visual Studio. If you prefer IIS, VS.Php makes it easy to develop your apps in IIS.


  • PHP and Smarty Editor with rich intellisense
  • PHP integrated debugger with XDebug and DBG
  • Project and solution management with deployment support

New features in VS.Php 3.2

  • Support for PHP 5.4 language features including intellisense
  • New crash reporting mechanism
  • Improved built-in classes intellisense

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